When We Help

Leading an organization is not as easy as it may seem.

Great leaders can have the respect and confidence of the people they lead – yet, to achieve maximum personal and organizational success, a great leader must also strategically close the skills and talent gaps at all levels in an ever changing, maturing, global and diverse workforce.

Millvale designs and delivers customized expert solutions to every business area and throughout an organization’s talent base with superior results.

Organizational Indicators

The following examples are strong indications of the need for change through leadership training. Organizations constantly go through varying stages in growth and focus and despite capable leadership things can, and will, go wrong.  Throughout our working relationship Millvale will help you identify and rectify these issues – and most importantly – provide the skills and training to keep them from coming back.

Individual / Team Behavior

  • Not aligned with organizational goals
  • Interpersonal conflicts/strained work culture
  • Disengaged teams acting as individual
  • Contributors vs a high-performing team
  • Lack of trust or absence of psychological safety
  • Both with team and/or with leader
  • Declined leadership effectiveness
  • Lack of leadership vision

Talent Development

  • Absence of growth programs and succession planning
  • Poor individual performance
  • Gaps between skills and competencies and role expectations
  • Lack of clarity around goals and accountability
  • Need training and learning to be facilitated


  • Poor communication throughout the organization
  • Emotional blind spots creates toxic environment; decline in productivity
  • Unable to build consensus or commitment or clarity around a common goal
  • Difficult to define problems and solutions


  • Lack of understanding of needs and strengths of candidate
  • Lack of understanding of individual differences and how to leverage them (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work)
  • Inadequate job descriptions
  • High turnover

Change Management

  • Misaligned decision-making
  • Lack of positive results and innovation
  • Failure to implement growth/scale strategies
  • Business stagnation, poor performance, conflicts, overwhelmed or burnt out
  • Inability to address M&A issues