The Birkman Method

For nearly 35 years, we have been turning human potential into high performance. We work with CEOs and executives to help them achieve business growth and maximize the potential of their employees, prospective hires and even partners. We focus on building the strength of your organization through the development of strong on-the-job leadership accountability with The Birkman Method created by Birkman International.

The Birkman Method is a nonclinical and nonjudgmental assessment tool that allows you to know yourself, others and the working world around you in an easy to understand way. The Birkman is a 298-question assessment that is so comprehensive that it will save you time, money and effort by reducing the need to adopt any other assessment tool in your organization. The scientific and diversity-sensitive questionnaire is delivered online and takes 30-45 minutes to complete. It is available in English and 16 other languages.

  • The Birkman generates over 40 reports that help you and your teams understand, not underestimate, your strengths, and why you each do what you do.
  • The Birkman looks into your uniqueness, uncovering what you need in order to thrive with people or in an environment, and highlights how you are likely to react under stress if your expectations or needs are not met. 

With the Birkman, we’ll show you a way to effectively manage your behaviors to ensure a positive future within your organization, your relationships and your career. We’ll help you learn a common language that you can start using the very next day to neutralize assumptions and judgments made about the people you work with and depend on for productivity. We’ll help you bridge the “knowing-doing” gap that keeps so many people and teams stuck and unable to maximize their potential for growth and success.

Download a sample Birkman report to see the insights this method can reveal.

Why Birkman?

The Birkman® Method is a premier assessment tool that has been used successfully in business settings to facilitate effective team building and leadership development with a diversity of 4 million individuals and teams over 60 years around the globe.  Universities such as UCLA, Stanford, Harvard and Emory and global companies such as Coca Cola, Google, Bimbo, Chevron, Abbott Labs, Hewlett Packard, and Cox Enterprises have all benefitted from using the Birkman® Method