Introductory Birkman Certification

The Birkman Method is the language of motivational needs.

The Birkman Method was created as an accurate and useful language for people in business and organizational life.

How do the best managers get results? By keeping their teams motivated. But what motivates one person often doesn’t work for another. Managers and their reports have to know what their specific motivational needs are. The Birkman Method has a sixty year history of identifying each person’s motivational need, the behaviors that will occur when those needs are met…and the reactions that will happen when they are not.

In this training, you will learn how to interpret the Birkman:

Get Certified in the Birkman Method and amplify your leadership and management skills in our 4-day 100% Experiential class.

WHEN: April 28–May 1, 2016

WHERE: Dann Carlton Quito, Av. República de El Salvador N 34-377 e Irlanda, Quito, Ecuador




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