Leading an organization through change is not as easy as it may seem. Great leaders have the respect and confidence of the people they lead. Yet, to achieve maximum personal and organizational success, a great leader must also strategically close the skills and talent gaps at all levels in an ever changing, maturing, global and diverse workforce. Millvale designs and delivers customized expert solutions to every business area and throughout an organization’s talent cycle with superior results.

As trusted advisors to leaders and their teams, internal coaches/consultants, CHRO’s, the Millvale team utilizes highly scientific tools and customized programs to help:

  • Know what a high-performing team looks like and customize a blueprint to build one with trust and accountability
  • Manage the people-oriented side of change and transformation effectively through leadership and team development
  • Identify and adopt core competencies that are aligned with organizational goals and objectives
  • Reinforce a strategic plan for competing priorities and limited resources with a “right people in the best fit” selection process
  • Strengthen a long-term build or buy talent succession plan for a strong pipeline of high performers
  • Foster an inclusive and collaborative culture for sustainable innovation and market competitiveness
  • Master critical behavioral habits to withstand risks associated with change and transformation through all levels of the organization

In business and in life, success is all about the relationships. We’re successful when we earn your trust. We seek to continuously provide you with value and opportunities to gain a strategic market advantage. Our comprehensive consulting services are evidence-based and results oriented. Our goal is to authentically interact with you, ask you great questions, listen and work with you to generate creative insights about how to solve your most pressing leadership and organizational challenges.

We use a comprehensive assessment tool, the Birkman Method — a high-end, multi-dimensional, non-judgmental, non-clinical assessment, to facilitate the following:

  • team building and team facilitation
  • one-on-one executive coaching
  • leadership competency development and accountability
  • onboarding curriculum and management facilitation
  • career,  multigeneration and diversity management
  • conflict management for innovation
  • change management


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