Why Birkman Certification


The BirkmanĀ® Method is a premier assessment tool that has been used successfully in business settings to facilitate effective team building and leadership development with a diversity of 4 million individuals and teams over 60 years around the globe.

Millvale is designated as one of only ten official Birkman Learning Partners in the world allowed to deliver certification training on behalf of Birkman International. Millvale certifies those who want to further their own in-depth understanding of the benefits and impact of the Birkman Method.

Certification is required to use and purchase advanced reports of The Birkman. We facilitate certification training that will not only allow you to professionally administer, interpret and use the Birkman suite of tools, but do so with efficacy and impact. An official certificate will be granted to you upon successful completion of a four-day training and post-training exam. Certification status will apply for three years.

Additional specialized services and products to reinforce learning and increase confidence and professionalism with the application of the Birkman are available for those who successfully complete the certification training with Millvale.

Who will benefit from becoming certified

Certification is targeted to professionals who:

  • Have a plan to become increasingly effective change agents within their own organizations,
  • Are interested in becoming Independent Birkman consultants,
  • Are interested in starting and sustaining a flourishing coaching practice, or
  • Are interested in interpreting their own individual Birkman report data.

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