The Birkman Method is the premier assessment available today in measuring Motivational Needs.

Unlike other assessments, the Birkman accurately describes Strengths and how to use them more effectively. The Birkman empowers each user to understand what causes them to be less productive in certain environments and with certain peopleā€¦and offers a practical and behavioral solution for resolving those issues.

MILLVALE has been providing Birkman certification for over 30 years and is one of eight official Birkman Learning Partners in the world. MILLVALE is in the unique position to offer Introductory and International Birkman Method Certification training to performance consultants, organizational development leaders and HR Personnel.

Become a Certified Birkman Consultant

Learn from highly experienced experts with a proven mastery approach that will provide you with sustainable best practices in your own talent development efforts. Our four-day certification training is 100% experiential.

You will learn to facilitate:

If you don’t see a scheduled training location and date listed to the right that accommodates your need, please reach out to us for more information about our on-demand training on your site (At least ten participants and up required). Our four-day certification training is available in the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.