MILLVALE is a leader in the consulting and coaching industry because we provide tools, proven methodologies and processes that actually get you results so that you reach your desired outcomes and success.

We’re a global and multicultural organizational development boutique firm partnering with leaders to help you move forward as a high performing, innovative and inclusive organization. Our success is the result of an inclusive, collaborative, open-minded and results-driven mindset and over 50 years combined of business, behavioral and motivational expertise. We’re more than just consultants or coaches, we are trusted advisers with multiple solutions and approaches with best practices from administering assessments to over 30,000 executives in Fortune 500 companies and businesses.

We leverage the rich cultural diversity of humans and human potential to:

  • Develop excellence through increased leadership competencies and customized accountability processes.
  • Build leadership strength and growth throughout organizations with actual results versus theoretical embellishment .
  • Empower authentic communication by identifying mistaken perceptions and increasing awareness of individual needs and motivations.
  • Coach executives to success by anchoring their core business goals, desired performance outcomes and revealing any blind spots not possible on your own.
  • Help executives inclusively position the right people with the right skills and motivations in the right position so they don’t leave you but strengthen your future.

Our extensive client list is the result of many satisfied and returning customers who trust us to help move them forward.